Trump vs Clinton! Designer smiles - who wore it better?

In the battleground state of dental town, Trump and Clinton have each spent some serious time in the dental chair. But what exactly have they had done? Northbridge Dentists analyses each candidate's smile to give you an insight into what's gone on "behind the scenes." 

Let's start with Hillary Clinton. Pictured above left, we have a baseline of how Hillary's smile was as a young woman. I'm sure most of us would agree as a young woman, Hillary's smile was natural and fairly well-balanced.

Hillary's current smile shows evidence of dental tampering! Perhaps the biggest difference can be seen with her two front teeth. Her front left tooth appears a little more yellow compared with her front right tooth, which appears a bit whiter and a more "uniform block" shade. This is because Hillary has had dental crowns placed over this tooth (and the one next to it) to protect her teeth and make them appear slightly whiter. Perhaps over time, her natural teeth have yellowed, leading to more of a contrast between this and the dental crown, which does not change colour with time. However as our eyes are naturally drawn to detect differences in symmetry, even the slightest difference between the front two teeth becomes obvious - as can be seen in this photo.

Her smile has also changed. Currently she gives a less-relaxed and much wider smile, showing more gum. Pressure to put-up a happy "front" to the media? There are certainly a number of things at play here.  


This brings us to "The Donald."

Donald Trump has spent some time in the dental chair, that's for sure. Teeth like his hardly look natural, although many people (especially in the USA) love the "bright-white" look. The young Trump on the left shows slightly crooked and relatively "larger" front teeth. 

Trump now has a picket-fence! The teeth are perfectly aligned, nicely sized and un-naturally white it has to be said. So how did they get like this? Like Hillary he has had either dental crowns, or more likely veneers - which are like little false fingernails put over the top of the teeth. The great thing about crowns and veneers is that slight crookedness and differences in tooth alignment can be corrected at this time too! However, to accommodate veneers some "shaving down" of the front surface of the teeth is required, and this should be evaluated if you are considering this for yourself. 

But that's not all Trump has had done! In the picture above, his top "picket-fence" veneers actually look a little "grey" compared to the more whitish-yellow bottom teeth. It seems Trump has had teeth whitening for his bottom teeth, which is why they have more of a yellowish tinge to them, as teeth are naturally more yellow. This is a wise decision, as the smaller bottom teeth will often need to be more extensively prepared to accommodate crowns and veneers, compared with the larger top teeth. 

In the battle of the smiles - Hillary vs Trump, Trump may have the glittering, straight white teeth, however Hillary has gone for a more natural appearance and far less fake colour. I'll let you decide your choice. Either way, Northbridge Dentists offer all of these treatments and much more.