Nobody is born with "perfect" teeth

It seems not a day goes past that a patient of mine doesn't enquire as to how "those people on the TV" get such nice teeth. It got me thinking was there ever a time where they had "normal" dentistry done, just like us - you know, fillings and stuff? And what did they look like beforehand?

First of all - yes, there are celebrities and personalities who have had "everyday dentistry done." Check out the below pictures of Julia Roberts and Rebecca Romijn who both show us that once upon a time, they too had those metal amalgam fillings. 

Amalgam fill j ro.jpg

It may also surprise you to learn that celebrities weren't actually born with perfect looking teeth (*gasp* srsly?) Their sparkling white pegs aren't just down to wonderful brushing or a secret whitening toothpaste. No. They have spent hours in the chair (and a lot of money) to get their smile the way they want it (often a combination of crowns, veneers or orthodontics to straighten teeth). Take the below two examples of Catherine Zeta Jones and Zac Efron. A pretty noticeable change it both cases.  

So don't stress about not having perfect pearly pegs. While we are always happy to discuss cosmetic options, chances are, as long as your teeth are healthy and strong, your Northbridge Dentists team will like them just the way they are!