How do I get a "Hollywood Smile?"

You've seen it on TV. How do they get such white teeth?

For people like you and I, having "picket fence" white teeth is not natural. In fact, if teeth are too white it can sometimes look off-putting. Most people on our screens have had significant work done to get crowns and veneers, which involves cutting down healthy teeth. Because their livelihood relies on the their appearance, this is a sacrifice they are willing to make. For you and I, this is recommended only if there is a real aesthetic need such as for heavily restored, chipped, mis-shaped or discoloured teeth. If you are happy with the shape of your teeth and haven't had many fillings on your front teeth, all that may be needed to help lift your smile is some tooth whitening. 

At Northbridge dentists there are a range of economical options such as take-home whitening and in-chair whitening which can brighten your teeth. If you are after more extensive work such as crowns and veneers, this should be assessed by the dentist. Talk to your dentist to have a candid discussion of the pros and cons of each option to give you that winning smile.