I want 'em white, doc

It seems every second person comes in, telling me that they want their teeth white. Which is fine, as legally only dental professionals are qualified to apply and issue strong concentrations of teeth whitening chemicals. So once your teeth and gums are healthy, what is whitening all about?

We answer some of the most common questions about teeth whitening.

What are my options?

  • Over the counter whitening toothpastes use abrasive particles or an extremely low concentration of bleaching agent, to remove staining and discolouration from the surface of teeth.
  • For people who want a more noticeable change, a dentist-issued at home whitening kit is a cost-effective and practical starting point.
  • Finally dentist administered in-chair whitening is the way to go for those who want instant results. 

How much change will I notice? While this varies, in most cases teeth will ‘lighten’ a few shades and will be noticeably whiter. Despite what we may see on television, healthy teeth are naturally off-white, and a bright “porcelain” white is unnatural. Remember the aim is to lighten a few shades not glow-in-the-dark!

How long does it last? Most people will notice their teeth are still whiter up to a year later. Over time there will be some relapse. However those who smoke, drink excess tea/coffee or have poor oral hygiene can expect is to fade more quickly

We have a great $200 saving if you combine an in-chair whitening session with a take-home whitening kit, so if you've thought about getting those pearly yellows looking pearly white, now is the time to consider it!