Emergencies - 9958 7530

(If you've lost an adult tooth in an accident, click --> HERE <-- for instructions on how to proceed).

Please call our surgery on 9958 7530 to make an appointment - let the reception know it is an emergency. If it is after hours, please follow the prompts on the answering machine - you may be able to reach a dentist at home. 

Toothache: There's nothing worse than a toothache. It's always there, it wakes you up or stops you sleeping altogether. Sometimes every little thing, like breathing or eating, will set it off and get it going. And pain killers? If you're taking them like lollies, you need to come and see us, we're here to help. 

It's not much fun when things are uncomfortable...

Swelling: You may have noticed a swelling - either near the gums or even on your face. Don't delay! Swellings can progress quickly. Antibiotics are often required as part of the initial management in these cases. Further treatment will depend upon what the dentists says. Make an appointment with the dentist and have them assess you ASAP. 


Broken tooth / lost filling: You were probably eating soup or bread or something and thought "hmmm, what's that crunchy bit? I wonder where that came from?" You may also be thinking "well it's not sore, so maybe I can just leave it?" However a lost filling or broken tooth leaves the tooth far more vulnerable to further damage and decay. One more little accident and the tooth could be lost forever! Get it looked at ASAP! Your friendly dental team will assess the extent of the damage and let you know your options. 


Accident/fall/injury: Any trauma to the teeth needs to be assessed urgently. Accidents during sport, falls in the elderly, car accidents or every day accidents all have the potential to damage teeth. Where possible the dentist will assess and stabilise the teeth at the initial visit and help manage any discomfort. We're here to help. 


Orthodontic Emergency: Sometimes a bracket or wire comes loose. This can be uncomfortable and should be looked at. It is also important to correct this in order to keep treatment on track. If something is digging in, try to gently reposition or place some wax over it so that it is more comfortable. Contact the surgery to have this looked at. 


Bleeding following extraction: Small amounts of bleeding are expected. Place pressure over the wound for 20-30 minutes. Excessive bleeding can be a medical emergency. If you are unable to reach the surgery (or if it is after hours) you may need to present yourself to your local medical centre. 


Lost adult tooth: Click --> HERE <-- for more instructions.