Could you think of any place you’d rather be than the dentist? Yep. Ever feel that it would be nice to relax that little bit more? Uhuh.

Well thankfully the friendly team at Northbridge Dentists understand this and are proud to offer Nitrous Oxide – or happy gas. The dentists are trained in administering happy gas. This just helps take the edge off that anxiety many of us have when coming to the dentist and helps achieve that little bit of relaxation.  

If you’re anxious, ask your dentist about nitrous oxide.



Who can use nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is suitable for people of all ages from around 3yrs old upwards to adults and the elderly.


Is it 100% nitrous oxide?

No. The gas is mixed with oxygen. The maximum amount of nitrous oxide you can have is 70% (with 30% oxygen) and everything in between.