Teeth are a white wedding checklist essential!

If you've got a white dress for your wedding, congratulations, you're one step closer to getting married! But wouldn't it be nice to be able to smile with confidence? To literally light-up the room?

If you're not sure what can be done before your big day, then it's time to talk to Northbridge Dentists. They offer a range of treatment options depending on what you want to achieve. Where possible, come in nice and early (things get pretty hectic in the final week or so). 

The most common things wedding couples have done before their big day are general cleans/polishing (to get rid of those coffee and tea stains) and tooth whitening. Cleans should be done at least a few days to a week prior to your wedding if possible. In chair whitening should be done a few weeks out from your wedding day. If you require at-home whitening trays and bleach, organise this at least a month out from your big day to allow time to get your desired result and maintain it. 

Some procedures such as crowns and veneers can require planning, records and further discussion. It is best to try and get this started at least a couple of months in advance. Even more time will be needed if orthodontics or Invisalign is required to straighten your teeth! Like weddings in general, good planning can go a long way!

Unlike everything else labelled "wedding," there is no mark-up with dental work whether you get it before or after your big day, so you may as well come in and have your smile perfected so that you can look nice in all those photos for eternity!