How long can you play sport, without a mouthguard, before injuring your teeth?

Today, almost every professional Rugby League, Rugby Union and AFL player wears a professionally fitted, custom-made mouthguard. Only a custom-made mouthguard, made by a dental professional is adequate to protect your teeth against high-impacts sustained playing these sports (among others). 

So, the question remains, how long can you risk it, playing one of these sports without a mouthguard before injuring your teeth? Well, if you're Wade Graham of the Cronulla Sharks, the answer isn't long, as this linked video attests.  

Wade had his mouthguard knocked out in a tackle - if you look closely you can see this little white object go flying out. It is picked up by Cameron Smith of the Melbourne Storm. Later that game, Wade receives a knock to his teeth (by none-other than Cameron Smith!) and has to leave the field to get his teeth assessed by a dentist! 

If you listen to the commentators they are heard to say "How is a player in this day and age, not wearing a mouthguard?" 

Come into Northbridge Dentists - we will happily fit a mouthguard, custom-made for you. It is snug and comfortable and comes in a range of colours and patterns!