Can animals have braces?

At Northbridge Dentists, we proudly offer a range of conventional orthodontic treatment through to Invisalign (invisible braces) - to humans that is! But recently we got thinking, animals have teeth and experience many of the same problems that humans face. Perhaps they may not be as self-conscious as humans, but they certainly need teeth to chew and function. So can animals have braces?

The answer, surprisingly, is yes. Most commonly dogs, and sometimes cats, are the lucky  recipients of animal orthodontics. 

But why? Surely it's unnecessary for our pet? For pets that have been in an accident, it may be a method to re-align crooked teeth. Some pets are "show pets" and in competitions a winning smile can be the difference between first and second place. Sometimes our friendly canine's canines (we've always wanted to say that), may grow into a position that literally jabs or digs into their opposing jaw, causing considerable pain every time they chew or close together. This is called a traumatic bite (and this happens in humans too!) In this case, braces can be placed to move the teeth into a more comfortable position! The animal benefits by keeping their teeth, allowing them to chew with a full set of chompers.  

It may seem funny to think (and even more funny to see), but animals with braces are becoming increasingly more common. 

As for humans, if you think you or a family member may benefit from orthodontic treatment, come in to Northbridge Dentists and get assessed by our highly trained dentists! We're here to help.