Wisdom teeth - sometimes aren't that wise....

Sometimes wisdom teeth can be a nuisance. Many times we do not even notice them. Usually this depends on how much they erupt - or "come through" into the mouth. Allow me to explain below.....If wisdom teeth are indeed present, they usually do one of three things:

1) Stay un-erupted: As long as the wisdom teeth do not display any pathology or are not harmfully impacted into tooth in front, they can often be left alone. 

2) Erupt into occlusion: When there is enough room in the mouth to fit wisdom teeth, they often come into occlusion and can function as another set of teeth. 

3) Erupt only partially: When there is not enough room the teeth will often only partially come through. When this happens, they can difficult to keep clean and can be at risk of decay and infection which can come and go. In this case, wisdom teeth may need to be removed! 
And yes, when this happens, it seems wisdom teeth are anything but wise!