Teeth as white as snow!

Thinking of whitening your teeth? That dentist-whitening stuff (hydrogen peroxide bleaching gels) can be a little expensive, so how long will it last and is it really worth it?

Healthy teeth are naturally "off-white" or slightly yellowish. Remember, the aim is to lighten teeth a few shades, not make them glow-in-the-dark or appear "paper-white," like teeth we see on television. That being said, most people, when whitening their teeth will notice that even a year later, their teeth are whiter than before they started. However, for those patients who smoke, drink tea/coffee/red wine frequently or don't brush, a "relapse" to their existing shade will occur more quickly. 

For those who want to whiten their teeth a few shades, a basic dentist-issued at home whitening kit is a cost-effective and practical starting point. At the time of writing, this can be achieved for as little as $150! Not bad for the dental world ;) For those who really want to get instant results (and want it done quickly), then in-chair whitening is the way to go!

There are a number of considerations and things to discuss before jumping into teeth whitening, and your Northbridge Dentists team are happy to field any questions you may have on this topic!