Wiggle Wobbly Teeth!

Having wobbly baby tooth is a cause for excitement in many children. It's lots of fun to play with, a great conversation starter and a visit from the tooth fairy is just around the corner! Sometimes, however, it can be a cause of angst from parents. When will that tooth go? How long do you wait once a tooth becomes wobbly?

Usually when a tooth becomes wobbly, it is lost within 3-6 months. There are a number of reasons why a tooth may take longer to come out;

1) The adult tooth comes up behind (common for the lower baby incisors) or adjacent to the baby tooth. If, after a few months the baby tooth doesn't come out on its own accord, it may need to be removed to assist the positioning of the adult tooth

2) An adjacent adult tooth partially resorbs the adjacent baby tooth. Sometimes when a neighbouring adult tooth comes through (and displaces its' correct baby tooth), it can partially resorb the roots of the baby tooth next door. This is especially common when there is crowding present. 

3) If the baby tooth is knocked. Sometimes the baby tooth can become loose early on (especially when the root is already partly resorbed by the erupting adult tooth underneath), but other times the baby tooth can be displaced or even fractured. In these cases it is very important to have the tooth assessed by your dentist. An x-ray may be necessary. 

In the majority of cases most kids will simply take a bit longer for their adult tooth to come through, and it should not be a cause for concern, but if in doubt, mention it at your next check-up or come in and see your friendly Northbridge Dentists team! We're here to help :)